Oath of Alexander the Great, in Opi, 324 B.C.

5 Δεκεμβρίου, 2014



Taken during a symposium, in front of 9000 officials and notables of all races Greeks, Persians, Medes,…


Now that the wars come to an end, I wish you to prosper in peace. May all the mortals, from now on, live as one nation, reconciled, for the common wealth. Consider the universe to be your country, with common laws, where the best will govern, regardless of their race. I do not divide the humans, as the narrow-minded do, in Greeks and barbarians. I am interested neither in the descent of the citizens, nor in their race. I divide them according to only one criterion, virtue. To me every good foreigner is Greek and every bad Greek is worse than barbarian.

If ever you come to a dispute, you are not to resort to the arms, but  you must solve it peacefully. If necessary, I will stand as your arbitrator. You must not consider God to be an authoritarian governor, but a common father of all, so that your behavior resembles to the life of the brothers in a family. I consider all the humans to be equal, white or swarthy. And  I would like you to be not only citizens of my commonwealth, but also active participants and partners.I will do everything in my power, so that what I promise will come true. Keep this oath, which we took together tonight, as s symbol of love.



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